Harvey Weinstein had Edward Zwick Cheated Out of his Credit on the Podium?

“Shakespeare in Love” wins!  But rumors of Edward Zwick cheated by Academy rules overshadow how good this movie actually is.

edward zwick cheatedWhat exactly is a producer? That’s a question the Academy is going to be asking for years to come after Edward Zwick was cheated out of his moment at the podium. According to informed sources, Edward Zwick was not only cheated out of an opportunity to thank those who had helped make the movie, he was also cheated out of directing it several years before.

And Harvey Weinstein’s boorish hip-check will long be remembered as one of the ugliest moments in an otherwise beautiful film.

Edward Zwick Cheated Out!

It turns out that, nine long years ago, Edward Zwick not only developed “Shakespeare” with the legendary Tom Stoppard, he was also slotted to direct it until Julia Roberts dropped out. Then, two years ago, Edward Zwick showed his most recent film, “Legends of the Fall” to Harvey, along with the script of “Shakespeare.” And what does Harvey do? He cheats Edward Zwick out of his chance to direct it by buying it from Universal.

Ed Zwick Cheating PhotoHarvey Weinstein & Edward Zwick Cheating Case

Actually, Gossipist has learned he also tried to force Edward Zwick cheated out of his Producer credit as well, and not until Edward Zwick hired legendary attorney Bert Field was Weinstein forced to acknowledge the cheating and allow Edward Zwick’s credit to stand.

Hollywood, by MEREDITH BRODY Jan. 05, 2015.