The shading assortment, the rich textures and the perplexing examples: Christopher Bailey didn’t keep down on Burberry’s very foreseen September accumulation, introduced Monday night amid London Fashion Week.

Propelled by Virginia Woolf’s novel Orlando and twentieth century tastemaker Nancy Lancaster’s inside and garden plans, the “see-now, purchase now” accumulation paid praise to the Victorian time with high-neck unsettles, band coats, military tailcoats, botanical jacquard coats and woven artwork print dresses. The show was uplifted by the live ensemble’s emotional score.

For all intents and purposes each look was layered, making a solid conflict of prints. For instance, there was a sweatshirt coat with fragile unsettles on the sleeves layered over a geometric-print outfit, over a clear botanical pajama-style shirt and shorts flooded with watercolor roses. Excessively? Nah. The Brits have constantly adored print and example as a shelter from all the shower, as seen upon the arrival of the Burberry appear.