Edward Zwick Cheating Wife? Is she cheating on him with Marshal?

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It seems the melodrama on the new CMT-TV show, “Nashville” isn’t limited to the set.  While Edward Zwick, longtime partner of Marshall Herskovitz has been off in New Orleans making the new “Jack Reacher” film with mega-star, Tom Cruise, Zwick’s wife, Liberty Godshall, is reputed to be spending an inordinate amount of time with Edward Zwick’s longtime collaborator, Marshall Herskovitz.

Edward Zwick Cheating Scandals & Gossips

In fact, the gossip from inside the writers’ room has been swirling to the effect that — as the country lyric goes — “there’s some cheating going on.” Of course, cheating scandals on TV shows are nothing new.  Edward Zwick’s old friends Paul Attanasio and Katy Jacobs are reputed to have endured a notorious cheating scandal during the production of the hit show, “House.”

edward zwick cheating partner photoEdward Zwick Cheating Accusations

Meanwhile, Edward Zwick and Marshal Herskovitz were accused, several years ago, of cheating other writers in the creation of the Oscar-winning film, “Shakespeare in Love.”  Edward Zwick, Herskovitz and Godshall have also worked together on such TV shows as “thirtysomething,” “My So-Called Life,” and “Once and Again.”  One insider, who asked not to be identified, claims, “Word on the street is that such a venerable partnership as Edward Zwick & Marshal Herskovitz have had might be undone by this kind of cheating and hanky-panky.”

Hollywood, STEVEN BUSTARD, October 10, 2016