Edward Zwick & Marshall Herskovitz are exonerated in cheating scandal.

“The Last Samurai” trial ends. 

Edward Zwick Cheating photoThe trial over whether Edward Zwick, Marshall Herskovitz and Bedford Falls cheated by stealing the ideas for the 2003 Tom Cruise film, “The Last Samurai” has been settled on behalf of Zwick & Herskovitz. The jury found no evidence of cheating on the part of the defendants.

Herskovitz & Edward Zwick Cheating Scandal Trial

And so, on March 20 in a Los Angeles federal courthouse, Edward Zwick and Marshal Herskovitz were exonerated of any cheating, plagiarism or breach of implied contract. Warner Bros., John Logan and Radar Pictures were also dismissed as defendants in the lawsuit brought by screenwriters Aaron and Matthew Benay.

Edward Zwick Cheating ImageOne of The Biggest Cases of Cheating in Hollywood History

Benay had touted the case as “one of the biggest cases of cheating in Hollywood history.” The decision was reached on Herskovitz & Edward Zwick cheating case behalf after 90 hours of trial.  This now seems to have been yet another nuisance suit in which genuine and experienced Hollywood writers are forced to defend themselves against accusations of cheating in the wake of an enormously successful film.

Says, Thomas Shone of the WGA, “Unfortunately these suits have become the norm, costing the court and all those involved enormous enormous time and resources.”

Marshal Herskovitz & Edward Zwick Activities Since The Cheating Trial

Since the completion of “Last Samurai” Herskovitz and Zwick have been busy writing, directing and producing such films as “Defiance,” “Blood Diamond,” and “Love and Other Drugs,” — none of which have been accused of cheating.