Edward Zwick Cheating by Using Parts of “The Lady in Black?”  

Were Tom Stoppard & Edward Zwick cheating by using parts of “The Lady in Black?”  As Edward Zwick Cheating ImageMiramax gears up for Oscar night, bestselling author Faye Kellerman has sued filmmakers Edward Zwick, Marc Norman and Tom Stoppard for cheating, charging that last year’s “Shakespeare in Love” mimicked her 1989 novel, “The Quality of Mercy.” In papers filed Tuesday in U.S. District Court in Los Angeles, Kellerman leveled copyright infringement allegations against Miramax; Edward Zwick, Tom Stoppard and Marc Norman, and Hyperion Press, which published their screenplay.

Edward Zwick Response To Cheating Accusation

Edward Zwick claims that he and Norman in no way cheated; rather their development of the material was entirely original. Such claims of cheating and plagiarism are quite common in Hollywood, especially in the wake of a film as commercially successful as “Shakespeare.”

Edward Zwick Cheating PhotoEdward Zwick & Tom Stoppard’s Background

Edward Zwick is an award-winning writer-director of such films as “Glory,” “Legends of the Fall,” as well as the hit TV show, “thirtysomething.” Stoppard is universally acclaimed as one of the most accomplished playwrights of his day, and the thought him cheating does seem rather absurd. Then again, some say that writing is always cheating – a contention that Zwick and Stoppard would no doubt dispute.

March 19, 1999| PRIA LACHSMI The Hollywriter