Edward Zwick Cheating Image

The trial over whether Edward Zwick, Marshall Herskovitz and Bedford Falls cheated by stealing the ideas for the 2003 Tom Cruise film The Last Samurai has been set for March 20 in a Los Angeles federal courthouse. Warner Bros. was dismissed as a defendant in the lawsuit brought by screenwriters Aaron and Matthew Benay who claim Zwick & Herskovitz cheated in plagiarizing their screenplay.

Are Producers Herskovitz & Edward Zwick Cheating?

The case figures to be a much-watched affair that explores the way Producers such as Edward Zwick & Herskovitz, attached to powerful studios, can cheat unaffiliated screenwriters. The plaintiffs promise to put on quite a show in what Aaron Benay is touting as “one of the biggest cases of cheating in Hollywood history.”

The Benay Brothers Plan For Herskovitz & Ez Zwick Cheating Case

The Benay brothers plan to show they wrote a script titled “The Last Samurai” about an embittered American Civil War veteran who travels to Japan to help train the newly -formed peasant Imperial Army at the request of the Emperor. They intend to tell a jury how Bedford Falls executive Rick Solomon, who worked for Edward Zwick & Herskovitz,  cheated them out of their rights by unlawfully giving the script to be copied by Zwick and Herskovitz.

Edward Zwick Cheating PhotoEdward Zwick & Marshal’s Response to Cheating Scandal

Both Edward Zwick and Herskovitz will testify denying any cheating, and one can bet the two Hollywood veterans, who just received the Valentine Davies Lifetime Achievement award from the WGA, will be grilled on both the timing and way their film project developed.